Tis’ the season! The time of year when so many talk about their new year’s resolutions. For some, it excites them. They envision a new and better future for themselves and their operations. But for some, it is a time spent dwelling on what went wrong and the challenges that lie ahead.

But the reality is: 2023 is done. Everything that happened is now in the past. Some of it was probably fun and enjoyable and exciting. You excelled, things went your way, and there were joyful moments. Recognize and celebrate them! 

But there were also challenges. Some unexpected hardships showed up, some plans fell through, and there were some losses. Life is 50/50. We’re always going to have a good dose of both. But how do we spend more time in what feels like the winning arena? We begin by noticing the thoughts we are habitually having and recognize the impact they are having on us as well as our farm. 

When I work with clients in my coaching practice, I help them to take a journey from here – to – there. They often know what’s possible and what they are capable of, but it doesn’t always come to fruition. With the vast array of things that are uncontrollable in agriculture, it’s beneficial to remember what you do have control of: your thoughts. 

Looking ahead to the new year with a fresh perspective and attitude can alter your business, relationships, health, and finances. I’ve seen it happen in my own personal and professional life. How can we set ourselves up for success? I’ll share a few tips and tools with you.

When working with clients who want to rediscover themselves or choose to make some much-wanted changes in their life or business, there are a few questions and considerations I have them list out in the beginning, including:

  1. Determine your Values
  2. Determine your Priorities
  3. What Can You Do, Ditch, or Delegate?

I find people often overlook these simple yet foundational themes. When you don’t know what you’re after, who you are, or what you have time for, how will you know what you’re working towards? Not setting a target is an easy way to stay stuck in the mundane and often comfortable motions of life.

Questions to ask yourself to dig deeper:

  1. What are my values? List them out. Then take a minute to compare them to your daily schedule. Do they align?
  2. There is only so much time in a day. What do I want to prioritize? What has to get done?
  3. Are these tasks that only I can do or can I delegate this work to someone else? And if it’s not really that important, can I just ditch it (for now or for forever)?

One thing that helps people move forward and produce impactful results is to recognize their thoughts. Even if it seems silly or like a waste of time, some of the people we maybe consider the high-achievers or successful ones, are typically the ones who take the time to invest in themselves and have a higher awareness of their thoughts and how they drive their actions.

I’d challenge you to take five minutes to grab a pen and paper and think of something you’d like to achieve, change, or accomplish in 2024. Just list one thing. Then list out all the reasons (your thoughts) as to why you think you can’t achieve it. Rattle them all off and give us the reasons it won’t actually come to fruition. 

Now, take some time and list all of the reasons why it just might happen. List out what could happen, how it could happen, and what it would feel like to achieve. You could also ask yourself some of these questions to help become more aware of your thoughts.

Mindset Tips:

  1. Ask yourself: Is that really true or factual? (Would it hold up in the court of law as truth or is it really just a thought I have?)
  2. How aware of my thoughts am I really?
  3. When my mind wanders, is it often to positive or negative thoughts?

When you begin to give the same amount of energy towards the reasons why it might work vs why it won’t work, you begin to change not only your outlook, but your actual results in life. It sounds bizarre. But it works. Continuing to work on your thoughts, your attitude, and where you put mental energy can and will change your life.  

As always, I encourage people to find a friend, mentor, coach or therapist who can help you with your needs. Find someone you can relate to. The help is there, and I can’t wait to see what 2024 brings for you when you notice and shift your mindset in new ways. Cheers to the new year!

Calli Thorne
[email protected]

Calli Thorne is a keynote speaker, global leadership trainer, mindset coach, and multi-business entrepreneur. She is married to her husband CJ and they have three young children. Calli grew up on her family’s farm and ranch in northwest North Dakota and today they operate multiple enterprises including a backgrounding feedlot, cow/calf operation, and sell beef directly to consumers.

Calli is a certified member of the John Maxwell Leadership Team specializing in personal and professional development including conflict resolution, communication, mindset impact, and understanding behavioral styles. She also offers Mental Health First Aid certification classes and has an online course titled “Finding YOU Discovering IT.” 

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