What to do with Anxiety: Make it Behave!

This educational webinar introduces you to the world of anxiety and its cost on our lives.
Join the National Farmers Mental Health Alliance as we learn how to grow our resilience, practice gratitude, learn about good sleep hygiene, and the benefits of externalizing the anxiety.

Strategies for Positive Parenting

What exactly is our goal as a parent? How do we connect with our children and ensure relationship motivates them to reach their fullest potential? Join the National Farmers Mental Health Alliance as we learn how to help our children thrive.

Cultivating Self-Compassion, Conquer Self-Criticism

Everyday farmers deal with factors that are beyond their control, including the weather, changes in the financial market, the health of their livestock and equipment breaking down. Many internalize these struggles and criticize themselves for things they ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t have’ done. The National Farmer Mental Health Alliance will share how to adapt mindfulness and self-compassion strategies in your work with farmers, farm families, and rural veterinarians.

Taking it All On

What is vicarious trauma? Why are veterinarians and their staff so susceptible to the effect of vicarious trauma? The National Farmers Mental Health Alliance leads participants through an interactive discussion about how to handle the trauma that farmers and other clients experience in a manner that does not leave a lasting impact on your own wellness. Learn practical strategies to develop resilience and provide support to your coworkers, and community as they navigate the world vicarious trauma. **Designed for veterinarians, veterinarian technician/technologists and staff

Women in Ag: It’s our Blood, Sweat and Tears too

Women are involved in agriculture from leadership and ownership to supporting the farm ‘behind the scenes’ through bookkeeping and delivering field meals. The difficulties they face when things do not go the way they hope are significantly life altering. This workshop addresses not only the role women play in farming, but also the impact of stigma, belittlement of their contributions to production, and where they can turn for support. Join the National Farmer Mental Health Alliance in discovering hope for women in Ag..

Successful Succession: Developing the Legacy

The passing on of the farm between generations is an emblem of pride. Unfortunately, far too often, families experience strife, alienation, and hurt when the overall goal is not met. Succession is an intentional process in which participants needs to feel validated and desires communicated. The National Farmer Mental Health Alliance offers insight for the helping professionals assisting farmers and farm families with this transition.

Communication: How to do it right!

Communication is one of the most basic elements of culture, and yet it is often poorly executed. This results in defensiveness, withdrawal, and feelings of being misunderstood. Join the National Farmers Mental Health Alliance as we discover some rules for communication and how to build relationships, even when we feel misunderstood

Basics of Stress Management

Stress can become a barrier to health. In fact, the impact of chronic stress is one of the leading causes to burnout. Learn about the significance of chronic stress, the warning signs, and how best to address the stress! The program includes practical application of coping skills that are designed to help you manage and excel in every area of your life.

Finding Healing: The Emotional Impact of Crisis and Loss on People who Love Animals Well

Journey with pet owners and producers as you discover how to help clients cope with the immediate and long-term loss that is felt during and because of a crisis. Discover what supports and resilience-building strategies you can encourage to ensure your client and their loved ones are able to recover from a tragedy.

Finding Hope for the Ag Community

Farmers experience significant distress as they are navigating an everchanging world that requires increased resiliency. Yet, they are less likely to participate in help-seeking behaviours and are at an
increased risk to complete suicide (Sturgeon & Morrisette, 2010). The National Farmer Mental Health Alliance introduces the work of agriculture, the barriers for farmers and their families to accessing mental healthcare, and how to work toward building a therapeutic relationship.

**Designed for those in the healthcare field or agriculture industry who provide direct support to farmers.

Flourish in Farming: Preventing and Recovering from Burnout

Nearly half of farmers in Canada meet the criteria for being overextended and 12% meet the classification of burnout, which impacts not only their farms success but also their own wellbeing (Jones-Bitton, et al., 2019). This workshop will address the contributing and protective factors for burnout and provide insights and strategies to help your farmer clients recover from burnout so that they can flourish in farming again.

Resilience: Protecting Your Farm’s Greatest Asset

The farmer is the farm’s greatest asset. There are unique aspects of each individual farm that is intricately understood only by that farmer, which no one else can replicate. The National Farmer Mental Health Alliance presents strategies to help boost resilience in your farmer clients to ensure their wellbeing and to allow their farms to thrive.

Let us introduce you to Desaray! We are thrilled to have her join the NFMHA Team as one of our Co-Directors of Student Engagement. Her role is to connect with students interested in becoming Ag Informed Therapists. Let’s give her a warm welcome! @desskretting #nfmha #nationalfarmermentalhealthalliance #aginformedtherapy #aginformedtherapist #agmentalhealth #farmermentalhealth #ruralmentalhealth #socialworkersofinstagram #psychotherapistsofinstagram #counsellorsofinstagram #socialworkers #counsellorsconnect ... See MoreSee Less
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🌍Today is Global Wellness Day!🌍 We challenge you to spend time outside today. 🌳 Perhaps life on the farm during planting season means that you are outside already. So we challenge you to look past the machinery and the problem solving that comes in this season of life. Take a moment to allow the sun to kiss your face, deeply breathe in the outdoor air and allow the sounds of nature to sing a song to you. 🐦Maybe you are able to choose to take a few hours away from the realities of farm life and walk through a forest, a beautiful park or garden. 🌻Our relationship with nature – how much we notice, how we think about and appreciate our natural surroundings – is important in supporting good mental health.Spending time in nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, it contributes to your physical wellbeing, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones.So...put down your phone and get to it. 😉#GlobalWellnessDay #MagentaNature #nfmha #nationalfarmermentalhealthalliance #farmermentalhealth 👨‍🌾👩‍🌾#agmentalhealth #ruralmentalhealth #ranchermentalhealth🐄 #agmentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #breakthestigma #mentalhealthmatters #farmermentalhealthmatters #ruralmentalhealthmatters #farmermentalhealth #ruralmentalhealth 🚜 ... See MoreSee Less
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