We offer the following services for agricultural and veterinarian organizations that want to provide their members the benefits of mental health support in various modalities:

  • Check-in and Chat– Join a virtual video ‘chat’ with one of our experienced therapists and talk about pertinent issues in mental health. Each discussion will have themes, allowing people to learn and share. One of the benefits of group discussion is that attendance is optional (no pre-registration needed), and people gain as much from listening as they do from active participation.
    For Professionals: Offered as a form of group supervision focused on improving connection and rapport with farming clients. Includes case studies for problem-solving and clinical growth.
    For Clients: Presented as psycho-educational group discussions on topics designed to improve mental wellness, such as communication in relationships, mindfulness on the farm, practicing gratitude, and stress management.
  • Workshops/webinars– one-hour presentations by a therapist on topics relevant to farming and veterinarian work, such as building resilience, succession planning, improving communication, managing stress and anxiety, vicarious trauma, and cultivating compassion.
  • E-literacy – informative, engaging articles, blogs, newsletters, and social media posts developed for your organization by a therapist.

Contact us to find out more information on pricing, packages, and topics.

In addition to helping farmers connect with psychotherapists that are culturally competent and experienced in agriculture, we also offer comprehensive Mental Health Strategy support options for organizations and Agriculture Informed Therapy (AIT) training for psychotherapists servicing rural areas.
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