Over half of Canada’s farmers report they suffer from anxiety—almost 10 times higher than Canada’s labour market. Twenty-five percent of farmers reported experiencing suicidal thoughts in the past year.

There are unique issues facing the agricultural industry, we help farmers and veterinarians by providing agricultural-informed therapists and training for therapists with an interest in practicing within the agricultural community.

Look to us to provide agricultural-informed therapists who understand the unique issues you face. Our various workshops are geared for therapists and explore the factors facing today’s farmers. We share how to adapt mindfulness and self-compassion strategies in your work with farmers, farm families, and rural veterinarians. 

We’ve also developed the Agriculture Informed Therapy (AIT) program to introduce the unique needs of farmers and veterinarians to therapists and students who may work with farmers/veterinarians in their practice. The course is intended to teach therapists how to effectively build and maintain a therapeutic alliance. Established cultural competency is imperative in ensuring farmers and their families receive appropriate services when they are sought out.

In addition to helping farmers connect with psychotherapists that are culturally competent and experienced in agriculture, we also offer comprehensive Mental Health Strategy support options for organizations and Agriculture Informed Therapy (AIT) training for psychotherapists servicing rural areas.
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