Where to Turn?

Farming is hard. We have no control over the weather, no control over our input costs, and little control over the final price received. Sometimes our industriousness is lost on those that utilize the products we determinedly and diligently produce. Farmers are more likely to experience chronic stress than most people in Canada, and as a result feelings of sadness, and fear have become mainstay for many (Jones-Bitton, et al., 2019; FCC, 2020).

What do we do?

The National Farmer Mental Health Alliance was formed to be both a resource for therapists and health professionals serving the agriculture community, and for individual farmers and their families who recognize that they may need some support. We are a group of professional therapists who also have lived agriculture experience. Using our knowledge and experience we bring hope to those who are hurting. You are not alone, and it is okay to ask for help.

Our goal is to partner with community agencies and corporations to bring awareness about mental health needs in the agriculture community. Our goals include having more conversations about mental health in the Ag community to reduce stigma and normalize our mental health struggles.

We want to hear from you! What can we do to support you, your families and your community? Comment below or send us a message.

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Farm Management Canada (2020). Healthy Minds, Healthy Farms: Exploring the connection between mental health and farm business management final report. Wilton Consulting Group.

In addition to helping farmers connect with psychotherapists that are culturally competent and experienced in agriculture, we also offer comprehensive Mental Health Strategy support options for organizations and Agriculture Informed Therapy (AIT) training for psychotherapists servicing rural areas.
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